About Us

Hello and Welcome to Expat-Health, the upcoming number one resource site for all information about German Insurance plans in English language.

At Expat-Health, our main goal is to provide both helpful information and individual counsel regarding all insurance-related topics, starting with Health Insurance and offering a well-rounded portfolio.

The idea that led us to found Expat-Health.de is that every customer needs a certain level of knowledge to be able to get individual advice. The German Healthcare and Insurance system stands somewhere between complicated and obfuscated. In the first step we created the Dictionary and blog to show an overview over the available options.

The second step is to offer advice to our customers. Only when our customers are able to understand our advice we’re able to recommend the optimal solution.


Markus Meiser, founder and owner of Expat-Health.de

Markus has been working as an insurance-broker and independent financial consultant for consumers with a focus on biometric risks since 2012.

Before entering the financial sector he has been an Officer in the German Army. He is married and has two children.


Julian Antony, co-founder and owner of Expat-Health.de

Julian has worked as an independent financial advisor since 2008. His main target group have always Small and Medium Businesses, with a handful of big clients in between.

Julian gathered his first experience in customer-facing jobs working for non-profit-organizations. He is married and has one son.

Signal Iduna

After 8 years of working in different positions in the front- and back-office, working both independently with several providers and exclusively bound to a provider, I chose to become an exclusive partner for Signal Iduna. My decision rested upon two major and two minor factors:

  • Most German Insurance providers are registered as a stock company. Signal Iduna is a registered association, committed to and driven by their insured members, not shareholders.
  • Both the biometric line (insuring people) and the property line (insuring small businesses) are strong in comparison with the general market.
  • Signal Iduna is sitting upon a massive financial foundation, which leads to (one of?) the lowest premium increases of the industry.
  • There are people in the back-office, inspecting applications and claims, whose work I came to appreciate as an independent broker, and still appreciate now.